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What We Do

It's a little bit of chemistry, and backed by years of experience. Sometimes we all need an objective mind breaking down the boundaries, to help create new ones that as more inclusive for everyone. We help companies and individuals step outside of themselves and their affiliations in order to educate their unconscious bias. We start by assessing environment and then use education and company culture + using our own playbook backed by years of experience to foster change. We understand that some companies are extremely progressive, while others have more difficult learning curves, risks and dependencies involved.

Diversity and Inclusion training helps your team communicate more authentically, in more open and respectful manners. Perhaps your organization prides itself on being very progressive and even though everyone on your team is united in the mission of creating a better world; when there is a conflict, the stakes, sensitivity, and stress may be too high to work through effectively. If it seems like feelings are getting hurt and voices are being silenced, you may crave better tools to work through workplace tensions.

D&I at a Glance

According to McKinsey, companies with a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to outperform those without diversity initiatives. The benefits of having a diverse and inclusive organization far outweigh these challenges.

Diversity and Inclusion training helps your team communicate more authentically, in more open and respectful manners. The compound effects of D&I training create richer work climates, help create real organizational change, while ultimately adding value to your organizational objectives and KPIs.

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Our Offerings


Helping invest in the training and development of employees, of all levels, to help meet organizational and intersectional resopnsibilities.


Coaching executives in the training and development of senior level managers and executives to help holistically develop staff on ethics.


Leaning in to help understand the problems each company faces indivually, and develop customized plans to ensure and track progress.


Focused sessions and keynotes reflecting diversity and inclusion best practices, how to get started and interactive instruction.

What Our Clients Say

"I find it hard to speak up during these discussions because I'm overly worried that with my fairly limited cultural background, I'm going to say something that would be interpreted the wrong way. I like how Intersections facilitators made the room feel less intimidating this time around. They were very easy to talk to and it felt like a safe space."
- Anonymous

Our Process

Through assessment, education, recommendations and evaluation,
we help our clients create a more diverse and inclusive workspace.


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