"Trainings like this could easily feel cookie cutter and impersonal,
and this did not feel like that at all."
- Intersections Student

We Create A Culture Shift

We embed diversity, inclusion and awareness in the company by holding organizations accountable for incidents while creating a long term action plan specifically designed with your employees in mind.

Lack of D & I exposes shortcomings, decreases retention and impacts the overall offering of the product. Take a strategic approach to embedding diversity and inclusion into your organization.

Is Your Institution Looking For Diversity And Inclusion Training?

If it seems like feelings are getting hurt and voices are being silenced, you may crave better tools to work through workplace tensions. There are many ways to implement a diversity program successfully, but a good way to start (or even relaunch) is by hiring diversity consultants and doing a needs assessment without biases to help your organization define measurable goals for a diverse workforce. A diverse and inclusive workforce brings high value not only to the organization, but also to its employees, and even society as a whole. When individuals from all identities are respected and given equal opportunities within a company, the business flourishes in more ways than one.

It’s Common For Difficult Experiences To Occur In Workplaces And Academic Environments

The trouble of understanding one another stems from a lack of familiarity—whether that be between generations, genders, races, religions or among the LGBTQ+ community. Many groups are highly underrepresented in certain work and school settings.

  • The 2018 Standard & Poor’s 500 indicates that only five percent of CEO positions are held by women.
  • The 2017 Standard & Poor’s 500 indicates there were only four black CEOs.

Everyone comes with their own set of values and biases. When someone’s perspective doesn’t align with someone else’s, it can create communication problems, often due to fear—on both sides. When someone is asserting themselves in a diverse setting, they may be afraid of being culturally insensitive, so instead of speaking up, that person often shuts down.

Studies show that workplaces and schools with greater diversity outperform more homogeneous environments. When folks from different backgrounds are able to bring their skillsets together, it creates a rich atmosphere for growth. However, in order to host a smooth and productive environment, people must feel free to be themselves. That requires having the tools to resolve conflicts peacefully and have open, sometimes even difficult, dialogues.

Diversity training activities can help generate these types of respectful dialogues. Here, people can become more aware of biases and learn how to listen and open up in a courteous manner.

We offer a number of university and corporate diversity trainings. These trainings can last three hours, all afternoon, an entire day or can be ongoing, building from one session to another.

Our Offerings
  • Gender Sensitivity Training
  • Team Building (1 hour-full day)
  • Women In Tech, Experiences and Action Steps
  • RRace, Ethnicity, Religion Diversity Sensitivity Training
  • Understanding Gender Diversity
  • Understanding Generational Differences

Our Process

Through assessment, education, recommendations and evaluation,
we help our clients create a more diverse and inclusive workspace.


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